15 Beauty Hacks For 2020

I decided to ask some of my brilliant beauty professional friends to share there at home beauty and wellness hacks with you so you can look and feel more beautiful as we transition back to getting out and about. These hacks range from head to toe and come from some of the most trusted skin experts.

15 Beauty Hacks Enjoy!


For super soft skin, try a full body dry brushing before getting in the shower. Always leaves my skin feeling so soft


Check out Hydropeptide Polypeptide Collagel+line lifting Hydrogel Eye Mask! No mess mask with collagen-boosting peptides,skin renewal antioxidants that help to promote luminous and balanced skin.


If you have active treatments(masks,exfoliants) that leave you a little red, use them before bed! The redness will dissipate while you sleep, and you will wake up with glowing skin.

Feeling Good

Putting effort into my appearance, such as wearing my favorite jeans or top, gives me life! Get out of “lounge wear” to feel more productive and motivated. It’s easy to look frumpy when there’s “nowhere” to go! -Janice T


Weekly foot soaks with bath salts & essential oils are so relaxing! Also, apply lotion and cotton socks before bed to moisturize, don’t forget to give the feet a good massage in the the process (bonus:golf balls works nicely as a massage tool)-Alison P


Root touch up spray by Joico! Perfect! A little spray at the roots, and no one is the wiser.-Kim S


Keep your favorite hand lotion right by the kitchen sink , and apply each time you wash.-Karla H


Must have my breakfast smoothies with Multivitamins, DHA EPA Omegas,and probiotics for gut health.

Morning Routine

Put an ice roller in the freezer and use it all over your face and neck while your coffee is brewing. It’s a perfect wake up routine for the body, mind, and soul.-Lisa G


Banish dry lips flakes for good with a clean, soft toothbrush. Just wet it and run it over your lips in a circular motion, taking care to be gentle.-Angela T

(my personal favorite is a little honey and sugar to gently exfoliate your lips, plus its a little sweet)


Make time to move everyday. Increasing your heart rate helps improve circulation which brings nourishment to the cells in your body, including your face! Lauren S.


Fasciablasting helps release tension in the body by doing myo fascial massage, which helps releasing fascial adhesion’s. My favorite part- it stimulates  natural collagen production. 


Put lavender sachets under pillows or spray on. Beauty sleep is essential.-Phivan N


Smiling is definitely one of the best remedies.

“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about” Marilyn Monroe


Meditating twice a day for 15 minutes has kept me calm and made it easier to just let things go that I just don’t have control over. Less stress=less lines.-Crickett E.

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Live, love & look beautiful,


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