About Me

Tina Conde is a result-driven Medical Esthetician who has been practicing since 2000. Her goal is to help your skin achieve a youthful, vibrant glow, correct photo-damaged and acne skin. She uses modalities such as Gha Sha, Micro Current, Nano Infusion and Micro-Dermabrasion. Her passion for skincare and the science behind it is matched only by the desire to create a welcoming relaxing atmosphere for her clients.

Her facial massage is heavily influenced by Ayurvedic and lymphatic drainage that induce relaxation, detoxify and purify the skin, helping connect the mind and body. 

Everyone’s skin is unique. This means your skincare regiment needs to be customized in order for the skin to reach its maximum potential. Let her customize a treatment for you that will have your skin looking younger and healthier so you can be your best you.