Pop Quiz – How lit is your beauty routine?

I am sending you this quick quiz for a few reasons:

1. To make sure you’re doing ok 

2. This quiz will allow me to help you get your glow back 

3. If I haven’t seen your face in a while & I want to remind you that I am here for you! 

POP Quiz: 

How Lit is Your Beauty Routine? 

My beauty routine is: 

A. Out of touch. Struggling. In need of inspiration 

B. I am doing the best I can, but missing my old serum applying self 

C. Heck, I am ok considering how crazy 2020 has been! 

D. Glad you asked! My beauty routine is lit! Can’t stop! Won’t ever stop cleansing and moisturizing 

What your answer reveals about your beauty routine: 

A. If you answered A, Completely understandable. 2020 has proven to be a STRANGE year for ALL! When I am feeling out of touch, nothing makes me feel better than a self-care routine. There’s an undeniable refreshing feeling that comes after a good facial cleanse and depuffing eye cream! Here’s how I can help: right now, head to your bathroom and set out your favorite cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream. Tonight commit to a self-care routine that will nourish your soul and your skin.*Please reach out tomorrow (just reply to this email) and let me know if my tip worked to help you! If you answered 

B. Yup. I hear you. I have also been feeling this way! You are (most likely) experiencing a feel-good deficit. It’s NORMAL to feel this way when thrown for a loop. I personally pull myself out of this type of funk by thinking about what I have right now to create healthy glowing skin. *Click here and check out my favorite pick-me-up facial treatment. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHjA7oGD3k2/

C. If you answered C, I am thinking you might need a gentle nudge in the right direction to get from, “I’m ok,” to “totally lit” energy.

Head to Island Girl Spa and get yourself on the books for an in-spa or virtual beauty treatment. I bet you’ll instantly feel better knowing you are getting time to take care of you! I am here to tell you that you deserve a little me time! 

D. If you answered D, Yes! #LIT You. Go. Girl (or Guy). I am glad you’re staying on top of your routine. Self care is important! Here’s what I would LOVE from you. Share this rock star energy! Send me a selfie showing off that beautiful skin, or post & tag me on social!

Here are my handles @islandgirlspa & @Facebook Islandgirl Spa or Tina’s skincare 

 #truth – ENERGY is contagious, and we need to hear from positive people like you (now more than ever)! 

Peace, Love & Beauty Routines,


Island Girl Spa


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