Staying Positive During COVID-19

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe!

Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty but try to remember social distancing does not mean social isolating. We can be present with our loved ones, get organized, do some spring cleaning, get outside for a walk, hike, it’s also time for self-care. I am writing to you today to remind you amidst all the stress of COVID -19, it is important to practice self- care and kindness. Together we have worked hard to build your skin care routine and now is a time more than ever to show your skin dedication and love. With your health in mind, I will be canceling all appointments until the federal mandate has lifted. Your health and safety is my top priority. I will be calling anyone who has an appointment. I care about your mental state and well being, so I want to offer these simple tips during this time.

Island Girl Tips

  • Tip 1 Remember those products and masks you have purchased from me but maybe have not been faithful with. Get them out, now’s the time to treat yourself, if you’re not sure what to do or how to use them reach out to me and I’ll help you. If you are low on products, I am happy to coordinate shipping.
  • Tip 2 It’s normal to indulge in sweets and wines during stressful times. I’d join you in person if I could. If you put your eye cream in the fridge not only will it feel great it also helps to say goodbye to puffy eyes. 
  • Tip 3 Use essential oils to help elevate your mood. My favorites are from Pranarom but any brand will do.
  • Ylang Ylang helps to promote feelings of comfort and joy, improves mood and relaxation.
  • Lavender which has a calming effect and helps relieve anxiety and stress.
  • Peppermint also helps to promote mood and is an energy booster, this scent invigorates the mind, and stimulates clear thinking
  • Diffusion blends are also helpful to have in the house or home office
  • Tip 4 Take a hot bath and add some Pink Himalayan salt that help with sleep and detoxification.
  • Tip 5 Take breaks from reading or watching the news and catch up on your shows, read a book or connect with family and friends instead.

Sending you all love, light, patience, and clear and healthy skin.

Kindest regards,


Island Girl Spa

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