Warmer Weather Is Coming!

Our skin reacts differently as the weather changes.

Even with self-quarantine measures still in place, we will inevitably start spending more time in our yards hanging out, swimming, grilling, reading and playing with the kids.

Increased sun exposure, chlorine if you’re swimming, humid air and sweat can do a number on your skin.

Prep for warm weather:

1. SPF, SPF, SPF! – Always.

2. Opt for a cleanser that helps eliminate excess oil

3. Trade in your heavy moisturizer for something lighter

4. Arm yourself with a blemish banishing gel

5. Cool down while you load up on antioxidants with a soothing facial mist

6. Protect your lips! Use a lip treatment with SPF

7. Control hyper-pigmentation with a gentle pigment corrector Share your warm weather skin care routine in the comments below!

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