We Are Almost There


We were So Close! Earlier this week Governor Newsom announced regulations for re-opening  of salons, but unfortunately, this did not include spas, which is the category Island Girl Spa falls into. 

Government officials are working on releasing safety protocols for all spas to put in place before giving the go-ahead. I anticipate a green light in the next few weeks as salons and spas are very similar.

Regardless of the protocols, here’s what I know for sure: I have worked with two Physicians for the last 12 years and am certified in sanitizing an Operating Room and have always treated my treatment room with the same level of sanitizing methods. The beauty tools are always sanitized between each client. I can Confidently say I don’t think much has to change in my beauty space in terms of sanitation practice plans. As I have always done I will be wearing a mask but, now I will be adding a face shield during treatments.

I have every anticipated supply needed to re-open safely. I am ready (and very excited) to head back to work quickly-once I get the okay.

As always with Masks,Gloves,Hospital-Grade disinfectant wipes,sprays,soaps 

A FRESH batch of skin care products arriving

If you need skincare now, I can ship or deliver-just let me know.

Once I am able to reopen, I will be calling my VIP call back list first. Please reply to this email with your preferred phone number and let me know that you would like to be added  to this list. 

Oh, and if you need something to make you giggle and enjoy a silly rom-com movie, be sure to watch “The wrong Missy” on Netflix. I laughed throughout the whole movie.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon, we’re almost there!

Live Beautifully,



P.S. If you’re feeling as let down as I was about booking an (in person) appointment to get your skin glowing, schedule a virtual facial and I’ll walk you through how to get results at home.

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